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New Registrations - Do you use events, visits or uniques?


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Just a general question for discussion. When reporting on new registrations using Adobe Analytics, which metric do you use?

Do you take a sum of landmark events, do you count visits where a registration event occured or do you take the number of unique visitors that had a reg event?

Our tracking has been known to duplicate events so I personally either take visits or uniques with a reg event. The rest of our business report on our database registrations which would probably be closer to the "uniques with reg" numbers.

Interested to know how others measure new registrations.

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Community Advisor

If it is a unique event then you should use event serialization. doc

This way, you will always know that registration event is always unique. No more issues with page reloads etc...

Talk with your developers to see what will be the best way to serialise a registration.


Employee Advisor

Now that we have the flexibility of segments in Analysis Workspace, pulling unique visitors/visits would make a lot more sense. Back in the olden days of SiteCatalyst 14, this flexibility was not there, and required a very specific type of implementation to set up.

If I wanted to (technically and truthfully) pad my numbers, I would take the raw event number. However, if I wanted to be more realistic about my numbers, I would create a segment where the registration even happened, and report the number of unique visitors it had.