How to exclude visitors who never seen a page in a segment



I want to create two segment and I can't figure how to do it :

Segment 1 : Include only visitors who visited at least one page where the page name is "SpecialPage". (I think my second screenshot achieve this, but I also want the visits where they saw only other pages, as long as they saw a "SpecialPage once in their life)

Segment 2 : Include only visitors who never visited any page where the page name is "SpecialPage".

I want to know if people who saw a "SpecialPage" come back more often. So I want to calculate the visits per visitors ratio of each segment.

Right now I'm trying something like this and this is not working :

I feel I'm missing something, because when I apply the first segment there is still page views on "SpecialPage". I guess this is because the segment includes visitors that might have visited at least one other page, but a "SpecialPage" too...

How the get this to work?







if you want „visitors“ who saw a page at least once in ANY visit, try this

1) visitors with page view:

“visitor“ (not visit) with (“hit container“: „page“ contains „SpecialPage“)

2) visitors who never saw that page:

“visitor“ with „exclude“ segment 1)

hope this helps