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Data Feed


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We are, for the first time, sending a data feed from analytics. Our goal is to send the correct data to Azure. However we encountered a problem. When editing the feed, below Data Column Definitions, we cannot see any events. We would like to send selected events as well. Would you know how we can do this?

Also, it seems as if we can only choose evar and props without our custom names. This could be an obstacle as we would very much like to send the evars with understandable names, not only numbers. Would it be possible to assist us with this?

Kind regards,

Matias Klingsholm

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Hi Matias


For events you would need to look at column name event_list which represents the events ID to decode it you would need to look at events .tsv

Clickstream Data Column Reference


For you second question regarding the custom name, that won't be possible however you can create you own mapping before pushing the data to Auze which can be pulled out from Admin console





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Thanks Saneesh!

That was clarifying to some extent, but still triggered new questions I am afraid.

Nice to know that event_list contains all events. What about standard metrics such as Page Views, Visits and Unique Visitors? Will they be included in the event_list, or are they named something else in Data Column Definitions? We see page_events which might be Page Views, or?

Regarding the mapping in Admin console, would it be possible to share some documentation/guidelines for this?:)


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Hi Saneesh,

I am working with Matias on this and have a follow up question to the event_list.

I read in the documentation that we should use the post_event_list for both determining event instances and eVar instances.


According to this we should use post_event_list = 100,101,106 to determine instances of eVar1, eVar2, eVar7.

How about if we have an event that is higher than event99? Would that conflict with this?

Also wondering, do you know if there is any difference between event_list and post_event_list other than pre/post processing rules?

Best Regards,



Employee Advisor

post_event_list is the result after VISTA rules and processing rules are applied. If you have neither in your implementation, they should always be identical.

The lookup file event.tsv contains all values, including custom events 100+. For a data feed that I have on my test site, event 101 is "20100" in my data feed files. It might be different on your site, depending on your analytics contract and when the report suite was created.


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To identify Page view/page event you can refer to Page events

Page Event Lookup

Second, for visit you can check with the Columns Visit Page Num which gives you number Page in the visit and Visit Number will tell you the which number visit is it for the unique visitor.


For the unique visitor, you have to  look at various columns







Would strongly recommend you to check the document shared earlier as it talks about the column definitions.


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Thanks both Saneesh and Stewarts!

We will have a closer look!

@Saneesh: you mentioned "you can create you own mapping before pushing the data to Auze which can be pulled out from Admin console" - I am curious to what you meant in further detail, would it be possible to elaborate?


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