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Can entries be more than visits? And in what cases?


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I was a part of a discussion where one of the member shared an incident of witnessing entries more than the visits. But, he couldn't tell the reason behind that.

Want to know your thoughts on the same. Has anyone experienced anything like that?

Thanks in Advance!!!

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Is it for Adobe Analytics? For Adobe, whenever a page load happens, visit will be calculated and thus entries cannot be higher than visits i.e. Entry must initiate a visits for sure.

Heard from Google Expert that Google wont calculate visits for bounces since it need another image request to calculate the time for the visit/consideration. So it is possible in Google that entries can be greater than visits, I suppose.

However, lets wait for other members to hear it from them.

Thank You



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If a segment is involved, absolutely. Do you have more information on the context of the observation, such as an example in Adobe Analytics?