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Make sure to review the latest and greatest features coming out for Analytics. The below videos are shortcuts to the section of the webinar for each of these new features.Thanks @jen_lasser & @ericmatisoff for the great walk through!


Multiple Report Suites

Pull data from multiple report suites into a single Workspace panel

Attribution IQ Improvements

  • Modify a metric's custom lookback window
  • Compare a metric's attribution model and customer lookback window
  • Apply a custom lookback window in a calculated metric
  • Utilize the new algorithmic attribution model (Analytics Ultimate)

Analytics for Target (A4T) panel

  • Measure lift and confidence in Workspace with the A4T panel
  • Choose the activity you want to analyze & other inputs
  • Analyze the experiences in a table and visualization to determine your "winner"

Project Sharing Roles

New Users: Self-serve in Analysis Workspace

  • Introduce new users to Workspace through view-only projects
  • Encourage them to walk though the training tutorial template
  • Save your own versions of the training template for your business
  • Increase a user's role as they become more comfortable
  • Answer business questions on their own using Quick Insights panel
  • Interactions with the business questions builder auto-generates visualizations

Executives: Access data at your fingertips

  • View your Adobe Analytics data on iOS or Android
  • Create mobile scorecards right in Workspace
  • Rename dimensions to make more sense to your users
  • Share mobile scorecards to other users in your organizations




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