Adobe Adhoc/Discover EOL, do you think it's replacable? Can Adobe make it EOSL?



The Adhoc/Discover is so conveient to use, saved much of our time to build complex report, segment, drag and drop.

The performance is much better than browser workspace. Gives us a very quick view to data, easy to modify the table before exporting.

To us, it is not replaceable.


How's your opinion?


I see there is EOSL (End of Service Life), can Adobe make it to EOSL? The tool is crucial to us.





While I agree that Ad Hoc is superior to Analysis Workspace when it comes to speed and certain functionality, you'll need to plan to not be able to use it anymore. It's EOL is March 2021. Some Ad Hoc functionality, such as being able to export large numbers of rows, has recently been added to Analysis Workspace.