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Activity map "spooling," not loading data


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When I try to use activity map, all I see are the blue squares "spooling" for ages. I've reloaded the page, x'd out of activity map then x'd back in...signed out of activity map, re-signed in...nothing.

I also can't select anything in the tool bar EXCEPT the "eye," "gear" and "x" icons. When I select the "eye" icon, the bottom tray appears--but no data within. When I select the "gear," the menu opens and I can confirm that I'm in the correct reporting suite. And, I can use the "x" to close.

However, I CANNOT select the calendar, segments, etc.

any ideas?

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Employee Advisor

Hi Courtney, there could be a number of factors that might contribute to this. The first thing I'd check is to see if you organization's network is the culprit. Can you try opening activity map from a computer outside your corporate network and see if that works?

Another thing you could try is to see if permissions are an issue. See if you can work with an admin within your org to see if they can open activity map okay - if they can, then it may simply be a permissions adjustment to work out.


Employee Advisor

Hi Courtney, were you able to get this one resolved?

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