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Vani Bhemarasetty is a Technical Consultant for Adobe analytics, the industry- leading web analytics tool. She has 5 years’ experience in marTech space. Vani has been part of Adobe Consulting services working closely with customers across various industries, including retail/e-commerce, banking/ finance, B2B/ High Tech and other verticals, helping Adobe Analytics users better understand the customer journey, deploy smarter campaigns, and access multichannel data, all while integrating the solution with multiple Adobe applications, building customer centric businesses.


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Hello Vani, I would like to understand to be GDPR compliant in our data collection strategy, at what phase should we be include IP obfuscation.


Employee Advisor


I would suggest having consent implemented before collecting the data. You can implement Opt In permissions through the ECID extension. You would fire and collect if the visitor gives consent. In that, you would be GDPR compliant before even sending the data to data collection servers.


Here is the documentation on how to implement Opt-In



If you want to add one more layer to this, you can enable IP Obfuscation in the report suite level, by Turning this on, will turn IP addresses into non-recognizable strings, essentially removing them from Adobe data stores. 



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Wanted to check on the intelligent alerts? how these can be set for average visitors on a particular experience.


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@Deven_Malik Are you talking about setting up alerts for Adobe Target experiences?


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Hi. I would like to explore ways to use Adobe Analytics to track PDFs that are not linked from or embedded on our site. Examples include instances when they have been indexed by search engines, included in an email campaign, etc. In these cases they are stored within the dam in AEM. We do have instances when a PDF is hosted within salesforce, and am also looking for the ability to track analytics data for these as well. (How many times they have been viewed, interaction with links within the pdf, etc.)  I know that there is limited information thru Asset Insights, however we need more than what this feature provides. 

Thank you!




Hello all, and welcome to our Coffee Break! Please ask questions here in this thread and Vani will reply with the answer!



Hi Vani,



Description - In the Sequential Segment option (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/components/segmentation/segmentation-workflow/seg-...) there is the ability to have the segment include data that happened before or happened after.  Could another option be added to only include data from hits that happen DURING the sequence.  For example, if we wanted to see a "add item to cart" event that happens after someone clicks on the "sale" custom link, we could set the sequence and say "after sequence" and it would capture the "add item" event from clicking on the link but then include all "add item to cart" events after that sequence as well.   If we wanted to see only the item that was added after that custom link click, we would not be able to.


Why is this feature important to you - We test a lot of updates to the app that is supposed to increase engagement but we don't have the ability to just see the events from someone who used the new feature.

How would you like the feature to work -  A fourth option in the dropdown that is for "only during sequence". 


Current Behaviour - This option is not available.





Employee Advisor

@James-Arnoldi Hi James,

Yes, you definitely do that. You can use "Then" operator.

You can build a segment something like 

"Sale" custom link THEN "Add to cart" and then use "AFTER" which segment all the visitors where add to cart happened after clicking on the sale custom link

This is how you can build. You can specific by when you want this to happen as well 



This is the documentation link on how to use "THEN" operator in segmentation



Hope this helps