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Leverage Usage & Access Log Data to Drive Greater Analytics Adoption Across Your Organization




How to Download Report:

  1. Go to Admin > All Admin > Data Configuration & Collection > Logs > Usage & Access Log
  2. Specify a date range filter. You can enter a date manually in the format YYYY-MM-DD or click the Calendar icon to select a date. Note: You cannot select a period longer than three months a time when downloading Usage Log data.
  3. Using the “Event Type” dropdown, you can filter through your user’s actions to download the datasets you are more interested in viewing. Select an event type and hit “Search.” The results will display event type data from your organization’s users during the specified date range.

Event type


No Category

Could be any event type.

Login failed

User login process failed.

Login successful

User logged in successfully.

Admin Action

An admin action occurred, like editing a report suite, changing company settings, creating a user, etc.

Security setting change

A security setting was changed.

Report viewed

A Reports & Analytics report was viewed.

Report downloaded

A Reports & Analytics report was downloaded.

Alert sent

An alert was sent.

User Action

User information was edited.

Tool viewed

A tool was viewed.

Omniture Action

An action was performed by Adobe.

Password recovery

A password was recovered.


A bookmark was managed.


A dashboard was managed.


An alert was managed.

Calendar Events

A calendar event was managed.


A target was managed.

Report Settings

A report setting was managed.

Scheduled Reports

A scheduled report was managed.

Exclude by IP

IP setting was changed.

Name Pages



A classification was managed.

Data Sources

A data source was managed.

Workspace Project

A Workspace project was viewed or edited.


A segment was created/edited.

Calculated Metric

A calculated metric was created/edited.

Date Range

A date range was created/edited.

Virtual Report Suite

A virtual report suite was created/edited.

Contribution Analysis

A contribution analysis job was run.

Api Method

An API call was made.


  1. To download the dataset, click “Download report” on the right-hand side of the screen.



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