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Exciting New Data Warehouse Improvements Unveiled as of January 2024




Organizations thrive on efficient data warehousing systems that empower users with accessibility, functionality, and control. Recognizing these needs, the latest enhancements in Adobe Analytics' Data Warehouse functionalities promise to revolutionize how users interact with data. Now, Adobe Analytics Data Warehouse users can leverage two groundbreaking features aimed at streamlining data accessibility and management: the introduction of "Make available to users in your organization" and the unveiling of "Show all destinations" toggle switches.

1. Empowering Accessibility: "Make available to users in your organization"

One of the key challenges in data warehousing is ensuring that the correct data is accessible to the right users at the right time. With the introduction of the "Make available to users in your organization" toggle switch, users now possess the capability to disseminate their data requests seamlessly across the organization. Traditionally, data requests were confined to individual users or specific teams, often leading to siloed information and inefficiencies. However, this new toggle ushers in a paradigm shift by enabling users to share their data requests with all users within the organization. This democratization of data ensures that insights are no longer confined but rather foster collaboration, innovation, and informed decision-making across departments. By enabling this toggle, users unlock a realm of possibilities, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making across the organization.

2. Enhancing Control: "Show all destinations"

Data administrators play a pivotal role in orchestrating the data flow within an organization. With the arrival of the "Show all destinations" toggle, administrators now possess enhanced visibility and control over data warehouse report destinations. Traditionally, managing report destinations involved navigating through a maze of accounts and locations, often resulting in inefficiencies and oversight. However, this new feature empowers administrators to gain insights into accounts and locations created by users within the organization. By enabling the "Show all destinations" toggle, administrators gain comprehensive oversight and control over data warehouse report destinations. This newfound visibility streamlines tasks while fostering a culture of accountability and transparency within the organization's data ecosystem.


For more information, see Configure a report destination for a Data Warehouse request.



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Show all destinations will helps a lot. Thanks for doing this @jenmarti