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Query on AdCloud Search Conversion tags


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We have several Text Ad campaigns running over on Google Search, through Adobe AdCloud search.


We had setup a transaction property that is supposed to track conversions on our Homepage. So we generated a conversion tag and implemented it to be loaded on our website 'Homepage'. We deployed it through Adobe Launch, on a 'Window loaded' event.


We see that the conversion tag is firing from our Homepage, even if we open it directly (typed/bookmarked), without clicking on a text ad.


So, we wanted to check if we are recording correct numbers on our text ad campaigns, over the Homepage transaction property.


Also, we have created one transaction property that loads from our homepage; yet there are several text ad campaigns that have various landing pages (other than Homepage).


Can you share some thoughts on this?




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Hi @Raghu_Adobe ,

Since the conversion pixel is deployed on a particular page, it'll trigger everytime the page loads from any source (direct/bookmarked/paid campaigns). However, the conversions attributed from your search campaigns will be filtered in your Ad Cloud reporting. You can pull a report from Ad Cloud & compare the transaction ids with your CRM data. This would be the appropriate way to verify the conversions through paid search campaigns you are referring to.

Hope that clarifies!



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Thanks for the swift response, @shivania1923929


1. So, even if we run multiple Search campaigns that take users to our Homepage and we have only one conversion tag placed on Homepage, AdCloud would be able to attribute each conversion to the corresponding Search campaigns, is my understanding correct? I'm just checking the logic behind the scenes, Is this possible because AdCloud's way of tracking ads basis AMO ID and EF ID from user cookies?

2. I couldn't see 'transaction id' column when I tried to pull a basic report from AdCloud Search



That's the correct understanding @Raghu_Adobe 

You can pull transaction report from advanced reports section!