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Frequently Asked Questions - Snapchat Advertising with Adobe Advertising Cloud



1. Can you use zip codes or just city names?

Yes, you can use zip code for targeting

2. We should be able to use Factual on this as well right?

Currently Factual is not available on Snapchat but this is in the works for the future. But you can use targeting upto the zipcode level and third party data with historical inputs.


3. Can you retarget website visitors?

Currently No. In November Snapchat released conversion tracking pixel but they do not offer retargeting quite yet. One thing to note is that Snapchat is a mobile only platform so its all device ID based from data perspective. Make sure you are using device ID when it comes to conversion tracking.

4. What type of targeting you can do with Snap Ads using Ad Cloud platform?

You can upload your first party data for example Mobile ID and we allow you to retarget that in to snap ads. If you have online video display campaigns running on Ad Cloud it allows you to automatically use those segments and audiences for retargeting on snapchat as well.

5. In Facebook we must first send a permission request to our clients Facebook page that they must approve before we can run ads on their behalf, will Snapchat be the same way or can we run campaigns for clients without an approval process?

Snapchat works a little different from Facebook. We do need to do an Advertiser request, but this does not need to come from the Client. We can have a request run on the advertiser behalf on Snapchat and this is something your Account management team will do. You do not need to involve the Client directly for this.

6. Is there any way to preview this once we have uploaded the creatives?

Yes, when you upload a creative you will be able to preview your Ad for example how it would look like on the mobile device.

7. For web view, do we typically see more engagement w/ Hosted vs. External? Are there any limitations in using one vs, another?

Not much of a difference between the two, engagement depends more on your creative.

8. in the platform, can we only deliver a web view ad if the user is connected via wifi? this is something we can do through snapchat, just not sure if it is available through adobe.

Yes, you can use Internet Service Provider targeting on Ad Cloud. So if you want to target users based on their ISP, you can. For web view, there is an option to pre load your web view directly into the platform so there is no lag in loading your creative.

9. For a "non-snap chat user" Swipes = ?

Swipes is one of the Key Metrics that we measure in Ad Cloud. Only Snapchat has swipe type of engagement so its being measured in isolation right now.

10. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? aka Do I want people to swipe or do that mean "ignore ad" ?

It is actually a good thing to have people swipe on your Ad because that means they are engaged with your advertising.

11. can we put atlas on snap ads?


12. 1st Party data = Retargeting data?

In a way you can consider that. 1st party data could be you user data, people who engage with your brand which you can upload and use to retarget your own personal audiences.

13. 1st party data may also be onboarded emails and device IDs?


14. do you have minimum daily budget for each campaign/placement?

Yes, there is a minimum of $50 per placement (Snapchat requirement) + Tech fee for the AD Cloud Platform.

15. if I want run ads for both my utility app and my game app in one account, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. You can use APP ID’s to run ads separately for both apps.

16. I have apps only in iOS,  no android version yet, can run ads for it?

Yes you can, you will need to put a placeholder with Android.

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