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alistairp781078 17-09-2018

We are currently using 6.3 and have recently installed CFP As a result the list view in /assets.html... has changed.

Previously there was one field called 'Title', which showed the title for an image and if one hadn't been set, it showed the name of the file. Since updating, this field has been split into two: 'Name' and 'Title'. This is fine, however, it appears as though the 'Name' field can't be used to order the assets unlike the 'Title' field, which can.

Is there any reason why a user cannot order on this field? Are there any plans to make it orderable? If not, is there a way for me to override it myself?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

ashu4pma 18-09-2018

The sort option on Name column is not supported in AEM 6.3 & AEm 6.4.

Toggling property sortable(Boolean)=True at node /libs/dam/gui/content/commons/availablecolumns/ is not the right solution, it doesn't work when there are more than 40 asset/fodler(s) at the same level.

For less than 40 asset/folder(s) - Client Side sorting used

For greater than 40 asset/folder(s) - Server Side sorting used

So above workaround doesn't work in Server Side sorting case.

To achieve this at the project level, you have to change the Resource Sorter[0] implementation and the query trigerred by this would iteration based (would not use index). I meant, if user click sort at "/content/dam/test" folder then it would iterate all assets/folders available at test folder and return the top 40 results in sorted Name order.

For the proper fix,  please raise a product enhancement request to get it fixed.




Answers (4)

Answers (4)

cclavo_barcelo 05-11-2019

Hello, I'm having this same problem. The Name column is not orderable and I have dozens of files. I would like to make a request myself to ask for this feature but I can't find anywhere to do it. I tried contacting Adobe by chat but then they sent me to the AEM Support site and I cannot create any requests from there so… What to do? It's unbelievable thank I cannot sort the items alphabetically.