Identifying Operating System with Data Insertion API

steveh8061046 13-12-2017

I'm currently using the Data Insertion API but the Operating System report is showing my OS as "Unknown". How do I identify the request as from Android? The JAR is using JAVA in the URL, but that's not in the doc

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

btripple 14-12-2017

If you are using GET then you would likely need to make sure you are sending the user-agent http header

The "userAgent" field can be used if you using POST / xml.  I believe this is noted in the documentation.

btripple 13-12-2017

I believe you would pass this via the "userAgent" field or via the HTTP headers if you are sending a POST request.  Using the Android SDK instead might be a better alternative as it takes care of it for you.