Extract data from a (test) report suite to another report suite (production)

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amit_singhr7976 05-12-2019

Yes there are four options available for datafeed file transfer and FTP is one of them. The CSV download which you are seeing in the portal is only for column meta download and won't contains the actual data.

francescov23342 05-12-2019

Thank you for replying,

Using data feeds requires an ftp connection? If I download the CSV I get no data. How is this approach used?


Francesco Ventura

amit_singhr7976 04-12-2019

If you go with Adobe professional services than they might be able to help with data extraction and insertion both however if you want to go with custom API route then You can extract required data by using data feeds. This will provide you the option to extract the data into CSV format from specific report suite and also for a specific time interval. You can also apply filters in the raw CSV data as needed to extract the info you want and then you can ingest this data into Production by using the custom API approach as suggested in above post.

Feed configuration path : Adobe Analytics -> Admin -> Data Feeds

francescov23342 04-12-2019

Hi Ankits,

Thank you for your reply but how do I only retrieve information between a certain date? And how do I insert this data back into prod?


Francesco Ventura


You can get assistance from Adobe Professional services team, or you can also leverage the data insertion API or full processing data source to upload the data in prod report suite.

analytics-1.4-apis/index.md at master · AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis · GitHub

Full processing

I would highly recommend to get help from Adobe professional services though.