Classifications Added - Cannot Download Template or Browser Export

manheimer-aVdaK 28-06-2016

There is an Evar with several classifications that were added some time ago. Values for these classifications were assigned using the Classifications Rule Builder

I would like to download the entirety of data that has been classified, along with the SAINT template for this Evar

When I attempt to download either, the Evar is not selectable in the "Data Set to be Classified" drop down

Why would this Evar not be showing in the Template or Browser Export options, when it clearly has Classifications added in Report Suite admin?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

manheimer-aVdaK 15-07-2016

The answer from Engineering is

The eVar22 is in the list but name is not the same, it is "Asset Tracking Codes". And usually this is because the eVar is used in other solutions, so we will show the friendly name of the eVar in the solution. Please use this value.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)


Hi Jeff,

I've seen this issue occur a couple times, and I believe it has to do with either mobile services or Social conflicting with the eVar. If you open a ticket with Customer Care, I'm almost positive they'll be able to provide you with more information on the matter.

manheimer-aVdaK 30-06-2016

Tanmay. The Evar is not present in the list at all. I have tried changing report suites so that it would reload the available vars for classification, and it still does not show up in the list. There are other items in the list for classification, but the one I need is not.

For Example, here are some values in the list

Evar1, Evar2, Evar3, Evar5, Evar6

I need Evar4, but it does not show. It definitely has classifications added to it. In the past it never had a manual upload, only classification rules.

Community Manager

Hi Jeff, 

Welcome to the community!

 If the classifications have been added you should see the eVar in the dropdown ideally. Could you tell me if the eVar is not visible in the dropdown at all or the eVar is visible in the dropdown options but is not selectable? What happens is once you select the report suite it loads the list of variables for which the classifications have been added.