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Workfront certified system admin spotlight: Hannah Martin



Starting off the week by introducing you all to @Hannah Martin‚ ‚Äîa very smart project management aficionado who shared some awesome campaign brief workflow magic she has done in their instance of Workfront to reduce the number of steps AND create better reporting.


Workfront: What was your background before learning Workfront?

Hannah: My background is primarily in project management, and my job responsibilities primarily consisted of managing day-to-day project execution, tracking project timelines and deliverables, allocating resources, and managing budgets. I am passionate about business process management and workflow automation, which was a large focus in my most recent roles.

I first encountered Workfront as a Project Manager. After managing projects primarily in Excel, it was eye opening to use such a powerful tool that removed many of my day-to-day pain points. I reveled in all things Workfront and spent much of my time on Workfront One learning how to better use the platform to streamline my work.

Now, as a Workfront Administrator, I am able to combine my love of project management and workflow automation.

Workfront: In two sentences or less, how does your organization use Workfront?

Hannah: Workfront is used by our marketing department to request, manage, and report on projects. The tool’s primary use is for marketing campaign management, but it is also leveraged for other project types within marketing.

Workfront: What is the Workfront accomplishment you are most proud of?

Hannah: The marketing campaign brief is now built into Workfront using custom forms. I drew inspiration from the business case summary functionality in Workfront. Through exporting custom field metadata, we were able to:


  1. Remove the campaign brief managed outside of Workfront.
  2. Remove a workflow step of tagging projects with metadata to align with the brief.
  3. Allow metadata to easily flow between the marketing campaign request and the project for better reporting.
  4. Upload the campaign brief into Workfront Proof for cross-functional team collaboration while finalizing.

Workfront: How will being Workfront system admin certified change things for you?

Hannah: As a first-time Workfront administrator, the Workfront bootcamps and certification has provided me with a great foundation. This expertise allows me to make better informed decisions and more easily find solutions for our teams in Workfront.

Workfront: If you could time travel and go back to tell your newbie-Workfront self anything, what would it be?

Hannah: The top items that come to mind are:

  1. Leverage existing content for training as much as possible. Use Ascent for Classic and the learning paths for the New Workfront Experience on Workfront One. The training outlines and PPT templates on Workfront One are fantastic.
  2. Use the API explorer for text mode reporting (and keep it bookmarked on your browser!).

Workfront: Finally, as a fun way to get to know you, when you get snacky and need a quick treat‚Äîwhat is your favorite “vice”?

Hannah: Snickers and nacho cheese Doritos are my go-tos.

So nice to meet you, Hannah! Thank you for sharing your tips!


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