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Viewing Expenses with a Worker and Reviewer License


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Hello, I am having an issue with team members with a worker license and reviewer license viewing expense information on projects. Is this a set up issue on the access for their roles? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ryan it would be a license issue.

We have an active case open with WF and are thoroughly disappointed to learn - When it comes to the Expenses in a project, a user must have Manage sharing permission (available only to Plan licenses) in order to view expenses that have been added by other individuals in both the Business Case and the Expenses tab.

Contribute sharing access that Workers often have allows for adding new expenses, but they still cannot see other expenses that have been added to the project.

When it comes to the Review license types, when it shows that they have access to view Fiances, this only allows them to view the Finance subtab under Project Details.

In our opinion It does not logically make sense that If someone can see the business case tab and its summary (net value, budgeted cost, potential risk, planned benefit, % aligned), then they should be able to see all details relevant to those numbers. Expenses are not specific to the user who entered them, they are project level expenses. We would not purchase Plan licenses just for individuals to hit approve as reviewers are for reviewing, how can they review if they can't see everything? It doesn't make sense that a reviewer could see (and approve) a business case without being capable of seeing everything which is in the business case they are approving.

WF noted the best option for the Reviewers to see those expenses without changing their Access Level would be to create a report that will pull expenses from the Projects and to give the reviewers access to that report.

This certainly doesn’t live up to ‚Äòoptimizing modern work’ in our opinion.

We clearly have internal process issues for reviewers approving business cases as this is the first time since our launch 3.5 years ago that someone has questioned the variance between the total costs of a business case (NET VALUE. BUDGETED COST, PLANNED BENEFIT) and the viewable details of a business case.

I will be submitting a request to the Idea Exchange should one not already exist to be upvoted.



Hi Heather,

It took me a couple of days but I was able to get those merged for you. Jeremy's out so I am helping out for a little bit the Innovation Lab ideas.