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Using Workfront Fusion to Build Dynamic Emails


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I want to use Workfront Fusion to send a weekly digest email to users listing their overdue tasks from the past week as well as their upcoming tasks and I'm wondering if this is possible.


The scenario that I have set up pulls the list of users who will receive the digest email, searches for each of their overdue and upcoming tasks and aggregates them into two JSONs, and then uses an Email module to send the email.


I have built out a custom email template using HTML and have embedded a Javascript function to run on load that converts the two JSONs into HTML tables; however, the tables are not rendering in the final email that I receive.


I'm wondering: has anybody used Javascript to build dynamic email content in the Fusion Email module? Is this even possible? Is there a better approach to take to build this email?

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Hi @bcaccivio Do you have a version of your scenario that you can share a screen shot of here (with anything confidential obfuscated)?  We may have members in the community that could help if they know what types of modules you are using and have a little more understanding of what the problem is?  Are you using the markup module for example?