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User Login History


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Is it possible to create a report that shows the user login history? It would be good to be able to see how many times and on what dates users login, especially for those users that hardly ever login but do so when managing license allocations and claim they still need it. Thanks.

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Hi @GeneBruner,


Although Workfront's native reports do cover the "Notes" and "Journal" objects, to my knowledge, neither track the "Logged In" event, so the closest you can get is to create a user report and choose the Last Login column/view, which will (at least) reveal the date each user last logged in (if ever), which you can then also chart, if you want to get fancy.





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It's not a report but a system admin can view/export login history from the audit logs in the setup area.


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Our instance has a native User Logins report that shows: user ID, Name, Login Count, Last Login Date; grouped by Access Level.

I'm not sure about getting dates of all logins, some users will have hundreds/thousands of logins

We do have a fairly new instance, so I'm guessing older instances may not have this report...? 


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You can see and export this information in the Set Up-> system-> Audit Logs