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Unexpected behavior: automatic messages "Who should be assigned to this new..."


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Hi all, When I create a new issue (in our Workfront instance it's called "log") for action items, my usual path looked like that: Create log, include description -> Edit log, provide details (dates, contact person, etc.) -> Assign log to someone from the project team; update status; provide other updates. This worked fine till yesterday, when Workfront unexpectedly started sending an e-mail the whole project team asking Who should be assigned to this new log? That never happened before, doesn't matter what the sequence of my steps was. I know that I haven't changed any setting - I guess I don't even have an authority to do so… Have you seen something like that? How can I prevent that from happening? All suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks! Y.F.
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Hi Yegor, Some admin at some point turned on a global notification for "Projects I'm On" -> "Log Add to Project Team". This means that any person that was assigned to work at any point on the project, or was added to a template's project sharing, will be considered part of that project team, and can be viewed by going to the project -> more -> staffing -> people, and anyone in that staffing tab will be sent an email for each new Log that is added to the project. The biggest issue is that we don't really log much of what goes on in the Setup screen, as we expect Administrators to know what they're doing. I know your company, as I'm actually the Tier 2 Assigned Support Engineer for them, and we've already sorted this out as of yesterday afternoon, but I wanted to make sure you knew what happened. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and enjoy the week ahead! Dustin Martin Tier 2 Assigned Support Engineer Workfront