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TIP: Use this CHEAT CODE to confirm you REALLY ARE switched over to NWE ONLY


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Hi folks,

According to the latest stats I've heard, the vast majority of clients and users have indeed made the switch from Workfront Classic to New Workfront Experience (only) prior to the upcoming end of support for Classic at month end -- my congratulations to all involved!

In case you'd like to double check that is indeed the case (or confirm your sinking suspicion that it is not), I invite you to log into your Workfront domain, and then in the URL of your browser, type the following (replacing yourdomain with your Workfront domain), and then hitting enter:


When the results come back in your browser, the last line will either show:

isNewExperienceOnly: true (Good: you are NWE only)


isNewExperienceOnly: false (Bad: you've not yet made the switch)

If the latter, I encourage you to speak to your SysAdmin (if you're not one yourself) to ask what the planned timing is, or if you are a SysAdmin, to contact Adobe Workfront (suspecting they'll soon contact you otherwise) to set the planned timing to switch.





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