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Subtasks Inherit Parent Task Custom form information


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I have a parent task with a filled out custom form, I want the subtasks to inherit the information of the parent task's custom form. How can I make this work?


Can simply adding the custom form to each subtask (in the template tasks) enable the values to inherit to each subtask from the parent task? 


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Edited response . . . .


There are three approaches you could take here:


  1. Each time you create a project and build the task list out, you copy the parent task (with the form filled in) and then rename and nest the copied task to create the sub-tasks. Very Manual, but does the job.
  2. You create a separate calculated fields that reference the fields from the parent task. (i.e., {parent}.{DE:Field Name}). This would enable field values to be inherited, but they would be different fields from what is used on the parent which could make reporting a challenge
  3. You use Workfront Fusion to automate the copying of values from parent tasks to child tasks for you

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Hi @MeghanaKa1,


Building on the second option among @Richard_Le_ ’s edited response, I suggest a similar technique that uses the same parameter on parent and child tasks alike (for common reporting purposes), but with an optional second parameter to “seed” the parameter at the parent level (and optionally, lower levels if desired), along with an IF statement to decide the appropriate value:


IF(ISBLANK({DE:Seed Value}),{parent}.{DE:Field Name},{DE:Seed Value})


Do note that it might require periodic Recalc Data Expressions to propagate changes down to the children tasks.




Thank you both for the responses! Ideally, we would keep the values in the same field across parent/subtask. 


Do you have a recommendation on how to best do this through Workfront Fusion?

Anytime there is a parent task created with subtasks, we would like the values copied over to the subtask custom form.


The subtasks will already have the custom form attached (in task template).