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Setting default notifications for new users - New Experience.


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The main complaint from users in our instance is the amount of email notifications. The system pre-dates my time here, so I was not involved in the initial setup, and left much of the basic setup in place as I made changes more relevant to the categorization of our work. Now I am looking into doing things like creating a set of notification defaults for the different types of users. Problem is, I cannot see a built-in way to do this, which is baffling.

There was a previous discussion on this topic in 2019, but there seemed to be no answer. I tried the one thing that was mentioned as a solution, creating dummy users that can be duplicated when adding new users, with the thinking that the notifications will stay the same. This does not work at all. In fact, when I use the New From Selected Person option in the Users interface, the notifications for the new user allow me to set options for ALL notifications, even those that I shut off on the global settings panel! I realize that this sounds like a bug that I need to create a ticket for, but I thought I would check here first to see if there is something in New Experience that I am missing that will allow default sets of notifications for new users.

Thank you.


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I haven't found a way to do this but need it! Somehow a lot of the Communication settings are defaulted to be turned off so those new users don't always get notifications when someone tags them in an update and is very frustrating.

Regarding all notifications showing, once you add the user and they are assigned to the group, the notification options will be limited. But since they technically are not in the group yet before you add them, you will see all notification types. If you open up the user's profile after you add them, you will see the shortened list of notification options.