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Restricting Proof Access


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I have a number of projects where the proofs are distributed to specifically selected people who are SME's for that content. 

We have had some account holders search for and find the projects and proofs, open them and make comments. This causes a lot of frustration and confusion and concern. White the content isn't confidential per se, it is a concern that people are searching for projects that they want to make a comment on. 

I know I can alter the "Require login. This proof cannot be shared with guest users" which will restrict it being shared with people without an account. But is there any way to only allow nominated proof reviewers (by project owner/proof owner/creator/system administrator) access to a proof? I don't mind if they see the project - thats fine, but the proof is the real challenge.


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I have also tested altering the workflow template settings in the details tab

I have marked that adding a stage is not allowed, but my "sneaky reviewers" who may search for a project they aren't allocated to, can still open a proof and the "Workfront Stage" is added. This seems counterintuitive..

Its great because people can't forward the proof via email but there aren't a lot of other wins. Making the stages private doesn't really help because we want to see collaboration. 

Suggestions and thoughts welcome.


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In setup > review & approval, there are two sections. The bottom one allows you to dictate proof permissions for people who come into a proof who are not on the proof as reviewers/approvers. You can select this to be Read Only. That means if someone who has access to a project and can see the proof, can’t make a comment in the proof unless they’ve been added to the proof. This has helped a lot with non-approvers making comments out of nowhere. 

If you want to lock this down even further, you can have proof uploaders remove document access on the proof. On default, people in a project can see its documents/proofs. But if you break those inherited perms on specific docs/proofs, then people it’s not shared with don’t even know it’s there. The doc access I’m referring to is when you highlight a doc in a project, and you see the trash icon and some others, the sharing icon is one of them.

Not able to grab a screenshot at the moment but happy to chat next week, feel free to send me a private message and we’ll get it sorted!


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