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Reporting with Allocation Percentage, Custom Fields, Matrix Reports


Level 2

I am trying to create a matrix report where the rows are rolling up information from subtasks to a special parent task called M01, M02, M03, ... (through a custom field which I already have in place) and the columns are users on the project. I desire for the values to be the planned hours multiplied by another custom field on the users (it is a dollar per hour rate; it has to be a custom field because I cannot use the cost field for another reason). The purpose of the report is to show how much a user should be paid for each parent task (M01, M02, M03, ...).

Here is where it gets complicated: For each task, I need to look at the planned hours. However, because the columns are broken out by user, it needs to somehow account for the allocation percentage. In other words, I need the planned hours to reflect the hours for that specific user only. Then, I need to use the custom field on the user and multiply the planned hours for that user by that custom field (which is a number).

First, I tried building this out as a task report. For the time being, I only used planned hours and it works great until multiple people are assigned to one task. When multiple people are assigned to a single task, then one assignee's hours show up on the other user, which is inaccurate. In other words, it is not looking at the allocation percentage, but the task hours as a whole.

Second, I tried building it as an hour report. That seemed to resolve the allocation percentage issue, but the report was only looking at hours recorded on tasks, not planned hours. I could pull the planned hours from the task on an hourly report, but then I think I am replicating the original problem.

So, my first question is should this be an hourly report or a task report. Second ... how do I build this out? Thank in advance for your help!


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Level 10

There is an assignment report, but you won't be able to do a matrix report. There isn't an object where you can do a calculated field for just that user's hour time their rate, so it will need to be a custom column. But you could use that object type and then do groupings and collapse the "bottom-most' one to get you kind of a similar look.


Level 2

So I just want to make sure I understand what you are saying, here. So I canNOT use a calculated expression in the report's view, but I could create a task-level custom field and then roll up those values in the matrix grouping which would, effectively, produce the same result?