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Reporting on hours within a set date range.


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I'm looking for a way to set up a calculated field for the number of hours logged during a set period of time (between two dates that I'd like to hard code) within a project. I'm getting hung up on combining an if statement to limit by entry date with a sum statement that totals the hours that qualify. Eventually, I'd like to have four of them per project that would give me a constant reference for how many hours were logged per quarter. Has anyone else come across this? (I might well be severely overcomplicating things). Thanks in advance!


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Hi Michael,

I see @Kundan Kumar‚ posting about calculated fields every so often. Maybe he can help you out if you share a little bit more of what you're trying to do?




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Thanks for the connection Kyna (and your possible help @[Kundan Kumar]‚)

So what I'm trying to do is maintain a running tally of hours being logged in projects being tracked within a portfolio and multiple programs against an annual retainer as well as against quarterly targets.

We've created four 'retainer hours projects' per program where we can allocate the planned hours per user to tasks that are set with a special status and not intended to be completed. The actual work projects are entered as needed and users track their hours. We're able to run some calculations on a project report, grouped by program, that gives us a total of both total planned retainer hours per program, as well as actual hours worked, and then subtract one from the other to get a burndown against the planned annual total.

What we'd like though is to be able to drill down to the quarter (thus the four retainer hour projects per program). My suspicion is that I can't do that in a project report and that I can't group the project/program data in an hours report so I've been trying to create a calculated field at the project level that tallies actual hours based on the entry date. The idea being a sum/if statement that looks at the entered date column for each hour entry that adds the reported hours so long as they are within the date range.

I'd share my attempts at code snippets but, to be honest, they've been totally DOA so far and I'm not sure they'd clarify anything.

I appreciate any help, or even just a 'you're barking up the wrong tree'.




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I have a similar problem. Did you ever get a solution?