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Real-time Filters / Filters on the fly


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One of the most frustrating things about Workfront for me is that any time I want to filter something on tasks or issues, I must create and save a filter. This quickly becomes tedious, not to mention the amount of filters I'd have to choose from would become overwhelming.

For example, let's say I have 10 people on my project. Today I want to filter down to tasks assigned to Jane that are due this week. Tomorrow I want to filter down to tasks assigned to John that are past due. The next day I want to filter tasks assigned to Bob completed the week of 5/18. Etc., etc. You can see how these various filter scenarios grow exponentially due to the amount of variety. The "assigned to" grouping can be helpful, but when you have a large project plan with hundreds of tasks, it's just not enough, especially if a task is assigned to multiple people.

Our previous project software allowed for users to type in filters on the fly in the search/filter box at the top of tasks or issues using a string of commands. For example, the commands for one of the above scenarios would be "assigned to = Jane", "planned completion date = less than/equal to 5/29/20," "status not equal to completed." The filter could be built and applied in real time, then as soon as you were done using it, you simply deleted the text in the search/filter bar - no saving of the filter necessary. The closest comparison I can think of would be filtering columns in Excel using the Data > Filter option.

I hope this makes sense. Does anyone know if Workfront has an enhancement like this on the roadmap? I don't have access to Idea Exchange.



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Hi Anna,

I'm not sure about the idea exchange, maybe someone from Workfront can answer that.

But I do have a suggestion, I find myself in the same situation often. What I did was create a filter named "My Editable Filter," then whenever I need to do an on-the-fly and in-real-time look at something I just use that filter and change it to what I need at the moment.

Hope this helps reduce the number of filters you've created.