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Quick Tip: List all users assigned to a particular job role in a report



Do users within your instance have more than 1 job role? If that's the case and you want to see a list of ALL users who have a specific job role, regardless of whether or not it is their primary role, you'll need to use text mode to pull this information!

To do this, follow the instructions below.

1. Navigate to the Reports area and create a User report.

2. From the columns area, add a new column and select Job Role > Name from the field library. That way you see whether or not this role is their Primary Role or considered an Other Role.

3. Add another column, but this time switch to text mode. Paste the following so you can see if this job role is considered an Other Role:

displayname=Other Roles







4. From the filters area, switch to text mode and paste the following:

userRoles:roleID=GUID of Job Role here


NOTE: You will need to replace GUID of Job Role here with the alpha-numeric GUID associated with the job role you want to filter for. For example, if you want to see a list of all users who have the role Project Manager associated, you would need to paste in the GUID of the Project Manager job role following the equal sign.

To get the GUID of a specific job role, navigate to the Main Menu > Setup area

and select Job Roles from your left hand panel. From the Views dropdown menu, create a new view. Add the column for Job Role ID and then save and close. You should now see a list of all Job Role GUIDs.

5. Save and close your report. Make sure to give it a title and description.

6. Keep in mind that each job role will require you to update the filter with the correct Job Role GUID.

Note: Another option would be to create custom prompts - one for each job role - so that you can pick a role when the report in run. See this article to learn more about creating custom prompts.

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