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Project filter to only show projects workers have open tasks


Level 2

I have some worker level users that want to simplify their view on their project list to filter the projects to only show current projects they have open tasks they are assigned to.  I've been playing with the new stack filter options but cannot find an option to get to the task status or percent complete option to get this filtered view to get this level of filtering.  Any ideas on other ways to provide this view to the users? I'm hoping I'm missing something obvious.

Thank you!


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Level 3

You can easily show projects they are on with a Project Users filter contains the user.  But with an active assignment this is a good use of an EXISTS filter


Projects with a current assignment for this user.





EXISTS:a:status=AA       AD



AA = Requested, AD = Working

This can be added to any other filters on a project level report.  (This is a modification from tested code, so no guarantees.  Also there should be a tab between AA and AD for the listed status that sometimes is modified by the community posting process.)


Level 2

@The_Real_Melinda_Layten Thank you for looking at this.  Unfortunately, adding this text mode isn't pulling any data.   I added what you suggested to this: 



Any other ideas?


Thank you again for the help!


Level 3

What I gave you was for a project report.  What kind of report is this?


Also you have percentComplete = 100 and status = current.  You don't have both at once.


Level 2

@The_Real_Melinda_Layten Thank you again for looking into this.

It's not a project report but the actual project view filter on the project page that I'm trying to revise to show only the projects with open tasks for the user.  I can stack some of these filters that previously exist but I cannot see a filter or find the correct text mode to only show the projects that have open tasks for the user.  

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