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New Home: committing to new date


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Our users commit to new dates often. 

It appears that now only owners of tasks can commit to new dates. This is troublesome because when we make assignments we don't deliberately choose to make someone an owner so they have control over committing to a new date. 

And there are FIVE quick actions for a task and none of them are committing to a new date?? 

The instructions (linked below) on how to commit to a new due date require a team member to click to open the task summary, click to open the details THEN search for the buried commit date field. Please tell me there is another way. 


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I've been digging into this a bit, but haven't found a way to make the commit date editable from the new home page. There's plenty of ways to make it visible, but none of the visible fields are editable without opening the task details. At this time, I suspect this will need to go through the idea forums at https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/workfront-ideas/idb-p/workfront-ideas


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Hi Alecia, 

Workfront provided the explanation below under case number 00399278 I submitted this month. Unfortunately it appears the ease and ability to commit to new dates and have those dates accepted by a project owner was removed when new commenting functionality was rolled out and now is being positioned as an improvement that needs to be built out, however it has been available for years. Argh, frustrating.


After investigation, Our development team does recognize that there is indeed an issue here that they need to review in more detail. However, because of the time and effort it will take to build out the improvement, the work for this fix has been converted into a story, which is not something we can keep a support case open for. Stories are work items that are added to the team’s backlog and worked on over a period of time. There are no ETAs given on story work due to this.