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Multiple Deliverables from One Request


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Our ecommerce teams submit one request for multiple (30+) deliverables (email, site, social) each week. Our PMs have been opening one job per deliverable which is tedious. The PMs do this because each deliverable has unique custom field info attached and the deliverables aren't always assigned to the same copywriter/art director.

Has anyone out there worked out a solution where multiple deliverables can be managed within one job? Having their own custom info and role assignments? 


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The easiest way to do this is for Fusion to create the multiple items.


I also just submitted an idea for a able type field. This would allow the submission of multiple of the same type of deliverable. I suggested it could also be set so that each one could then be converted to its own project


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You can use Grand Parents and Parents for each deliverable and add custom forms to the Grand Parents or Parents.


Since there are multiple deliverables in one project you want to make sure you want to make sure you have the task naming convention set up correctly.

For example for Design.

  • Deliverable 1:
    • Email Design
    • Email Copy
    • Email Proofing
  • Deliverable 2:
    • Social Design
    • Social Copy
    • Social Proofing
  • Deliverable 3:
    • Web Banner Design
    • Web Banner Copy
    • Web Banner Proofing


Let me know if you have additional questions.


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For initiatives with multiple deliverables, we use a "campaign style" project and then create requests within that project for each deliverable, which is then used to create the separate projects for the creative deliverables.

This provides a place to track the planning and closing of the overall initiative and also ties the create projects all together using the "campaign" project.

The tasks have the lifecycle of the initiative. In our case, planning, production, promotion, post / closure and debrief.  (production parent task is not the for creative teams)

The project template has a request queue of sots built into it with preset queue topics used to add the deliverables that are needed into the campaign planning project. 

The requests section of the planning project has custom view and is used to track conversion to a project and linked project and status. Grouping by topic helps find deliverables in the list easier. 

This gives the owner of the initiative a place to work PLUS a place to track the supporting work being done by other teams. 

Screenshots included to show an example