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Looking for help pulling and sorting project milestones into a project report


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We have figured out how to pull the milestone dates into a field (text below).

However, it appears that these get sorted based on the last one to be updated dropping to the bottom of the list, which puts it out of any logical order.

What we want to do is sort this field by Date - so they are in actual time order of the milestones.

Option B would be to sort alphabetically, but that would require us updating the name of the milestones (doable, but not ideal).

Any ideas on text editing to sort ascending from a list in a field for "plannedCompletionDate"?






valueexpression=IF(!ISBLANK({milestone}.{ID}),CONCAT({milestone}.{name}," = ",{plannedCompletionDate}),"")



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Hi Erin,

Unfortunately I do not think this is possible. If you check out this article, you can see that there are limitations of a collections report:

Limitations of a collection View

Consider the following limitations when you are building a collection view:

  • You cannot control the order in which collection data is displayed.


Sorry that I don't have a better answer!


Level 10

Hi - can confirm what Sarah said. You have no control over sorting and conditional formatting for items inside a collection.

If it is super important and you have some money, we contacted Doug at AtApp to help use create a project status report that has them sorted and conditionally formatted. (He was also able to give some pretty additions like client logo insertion and brand coloring :) )