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At the beginning of July, things might get a little quiet around here. Our U.S. offices will be closed July 5th - 9th, 2021 for summer break.

While we are away, be sure to check out our summer movie releases and reading list. This content is hot off the press and will not disappoint!

☀️ Video premiere: How to use Workfront One for training

☀️ New Learning Path: KPI dashboards in the new Workfront experience

☀️ Updated Learning Paths for the 21.3 quarterly release:

Project templates | Workfront for Collaborators | Requests in the new Workfront experience

We will be back to business as usual on Monday, July 12th.

Happy summer!


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Hi, I'm looking for a basic non-role-based learning path for new users, similar to admin bootcamp but w/o admin topics like permissions. So basically looking for overview of all the objects, how to search, groups/teams/roles, project templates vs projects etc. Foundational topics that are more overview than deep dive. Does such a thing exist (outside individual WF One overviews) or have you created something like this?





Hey Lori - We don't currently have anything built the way you mentioned above. However, we've seen our customers take individual pieces of our training content (individual videos, guides, one pages, documentation articles, etc.) to create learning specific to their users needs and have success in doing that.

For instance, they'll take our "Getting Started" guide as a basis for their own training guides, make small changes or changes specific to their process, and use that for their user training or reference. In some cases, they'll even link individual videos to those guides if they would like their users to get a basic understanding of how the tool functions.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have additional questions!


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We decided that for the vast majority of our users, WF's videos would cause more confusion than they would be useful because our setup is so specific and features too many work-arounds and gotchas. So we wrote our own PDF documentation from scratch (over two dozen now) as well as two 15-minute introductory videos (one for Workfront Proof reviewers and one for Requsters). We plan to move to using a knowledgebase system in the next 12 months if all goes well, and more custom videos would be a nice-to-have.

Admins and Resource Managers are the two roles where WF's training videos are the go-to for training for us.


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Thanks, Kevin. Sounds like a lot of work. I’m low on resources at the moment. But since our instance is not highly customized, definitely planning to take advantage of the learning paths.


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No arguement there on the amount of work! Means I have to review the Preview environment and update documentation accordingly on a quarterly basis.

But it does help funnel users to the way we need them to work vs. how WF works by default. A bunch of up-front work vs. constant support emails…it's worth it.


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Completely agree it’s worth it to take the time up front. Taking a phased approach, as I’m strapped for resources, so doing minimum now and will create some more robust onboarding when I get more help :-;