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Is there a way to track Project current duration along a standard template timeline?


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So, we use Workfront projects to track delivery of service. Our standard schedule for a project is 9 months, our templates are set with planned durations that reflect that. As work progresses, we update planned dates, which makes the overall timeline longer or shorter. Is there a way to indicate if a project is ahead or behind where it should be in it's standard 9 month duration as work progresses?

We do currently take a baseline snapshot at the beginning of a project to capture the dates of the original 9 month duration. And we have Milestones set as well.

And I created a report to track current days in process (Date Diff (today, planned start))

Ideally, we'd like to see what percent of projects are on time (going as planned on our 9 mo timeline), at risk (a certain threshold behind where they should be at any point in process), or late (very behind and/or already over the 9 month duration).



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Hi Allison,

Since you've named most of the other Usual Suspects, I suspect you're aware of the Project and Estimated Dates (vs Planned) , Critical Path, and/or Task Slack concepts, but if they're not quite enough, I invite you to consider our Executive Status Report solution, particularly on the middle Gantt part where, in "Auto" mode, it will automatically reveal tasks that ought to have started but have not (in orange) or ought to have finished but have not (in red), as well as the "light blue shading" that compares the gap between the "% complete of the project at the moment" (vertical orange line) vs the "intended % complete as of today" (vertical blue line). Below the Gantt, the "Guitar Hero" section also tracks the status of the schedule over time (along with Status, Risks, and Issues) giving another vertical trend so you can spot Yellow schedule moves and steer them (quickly) to Green rather than let them drift to Red.

Beyond that, on coming-soon-to-a-catalog-near-you side, we've also have a couple of new solutions coming out that might help (note to self: Timeline, Roadmap, and What Ifs), so if you're curious, drop me an email at doug.denhoed@atappstore.com.