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Is there a way to report if a custom field is being used referenced in a report? If so when was that report last viewed.\n\nI'd like to tidy up some of the custom fields created but want to know if changes will impact reports in use.


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We have some historical custom fields in custom forms that are really duplications of other similar fields (poor practice when we were learning to use the system). Sometimes we hold off removing some of these fields as we aren't sure if some one somewhere in Workfront has a report which will be effected by the change.


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Hi Harold,

I'd suggest you combine this report Definition concept (or use our Report All Report Details solution, which is more terse, and outputs to Excel) with the Last Viewed column to narrow down the custom data of interest and plan your consolidation. To the rationalize the data, you could then bulk update and/or use our Excel Updater solution to ensure the "winning" parameters have the right values, and then either hide the "losing" parameters in a SysAdmin only Section before ultimately deleting them (and dropping that data permanently).




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I just found this today: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/administration-and-setup/customize/custom-fo...

List the reports that use a particular custom field or widget

Create or Edit a View and add the Report Column on the Custom Field list in Setup > Custom Forms