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Is there a way to pull a list of email recipients based on their appearance in a report?


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I have a compliance dashboard with several reports based on different criteria that need to be fixed in projects. Each report has a column for the project owner. I want to send an email to users only if their name appears in the reports. Is there any way to accomplish this? Right now it looks like I need to manually review the reports and add each user to the email list one by one. Any ideas on a better way to approach this?


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I would also like to know if this is possible!


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Hi Tracy and Samantha,

Although Workfront can email reports, As Designed, it is typically more efficient to present the information within Workfront, and "encourage" the user to log in and look.

Given that, one approach is to filter the reports(s) where Project Owner ID = $$USER.ID, so that when any such Project Manager logs in and looks at the report(s) (or the Dashboard, if you've done so throughout), the only data returned will be those items that pertain to "them".

Along that line of thought (while we're in the neighborhood), I invite you to consider our UberFilter solution, which can spare you loads of report cloning and maintenance effort by letting your users choose a dashboard level filter that will update the filters of all related reports at once vs separate prompting.