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Is there a way to have all Queue Topics, Topic Groups and Routing Rules updated in any project/template they are used in?


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I’m probably wording this poorly but‚Ķ

In our Projects/Templates we create Topic Groups, Queue Topics and Routing Rules. When we make edits to them we edit the name of the Topic Group with the date the update was made and alert our team that is has been updated so they know to update it on their projects.

But what is actually happening is not everyone is updating it and people copy old projects which have old routing rules etc attached. So when they submit an issue they do not get the up to date options which is also effecting reports we’ve created using the newer options. Not to mention if we changed who it routes to and they use an old version. Is there a way to update all uses of these?

That also brings me to the question of attaching templates. I know these fields will update if we choose to attach the template again, but that creates doubles of the first Topic Group to choose. It also keeps the options of choosing any of the past versions. Is there a way to just update template instead of attach again?



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hello @Michael Perez‚

Thanks for asking this question. Actually I am also looking if there is a possibility either to create same Queue Topic and same topic group to several projects in BULK.

Let's see if any of expert can share this experience with us.




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And to go further...Every time someone copies a project or uses a template that have TG, QT and RR it makes copies of them. So later when you want to make a report and use one of these as a filter there are 50 options of the same name and you have no idea which one is linked to the actual object you are trying to report. I love the capabilities of using these but the mess in the background is not fun. I wish you could create these in one location (like custom forms) and then add them to projects. I get there would be a lot of different variations but there would still be less there than how many there are the current way.