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Is it possible to move custom form data from a request into an existing project?


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If a project already exists and a request comes in that is fulfilled by that existing project, we would like to bring the fields from that request into the project.


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If you mean turn the Issue (from a separate master Request Queue project) into a Task on another existing project and retain custom form data, I couldn't figure out a way during my testing, or working with Support.

We send the planners through a process whereby they make a PDF of the request to put with the task before converting the Issue/Request.

I'm hoping I'm wrong and some clever soul has a way to make this work; our planners have a need for this.

Hi Florence and Kevin,

I can offer two ideas:

Our Excel Updater solution can update (or insert) custom data on an existing Project (eg from a “newer” Issue which the Project resolves) so you could set the Project as the Resolving Object on the Issue to record that relationship, and (manually) update the Project’s custom data from that newer Issue using Excel Updater.

Alternatively, if you don’t need the new Issue’s custom data at the Project Level (eg because you want to preserve the original information, and/or allow for a 1:many relationship), you could instead convert the new Issue to a Task (as I believe Kevin is suggesting) which ‚Äî provided you have a corresponding Task level custom form(s) will automatically preserve the newer Issue’s custom data and establish the Resolving Object relationship ‚Äî and simply move the resulting Task “under” the desired Project.



I forgot about the task-level custom form; we had such extensive Request custom forms at the time we decided creating them all *again* at the task level would be too much work.

But now that you reminded me, we have since re-simplified (gone back to Word forms and took the briefs out of WF) and maybe the fewer Issue forms means the task-level might be worth it again.

Appreciate the mind-jogging. 😁



Hi Florence! I have one other alternative for you. You could move the request to the existing project. That way it would show up in the list of issues on the project, and you would have access to the custom data on the issue.