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How to move a closed ISSUE (MRF) sitting in an EXISTING project REQUEST tab over to a different PROJECT REQUEST tab.


Level 4

I want to move a closed ISSUE (MRF) sitting in an EXISTING project's REQUEST tab over to a different PROJECT REQUEST tab and when I try to select the MRF and MOVE it I get this error:

Let's try that again.

  • Unable to complete operation for a project of status Closed

So then I went to the project I want to move the MRF to and opened it (status was clsoed), and retried to move the MRF it still gave me the same message.

It looks like the MRF not the project is closed and since it is greyed out in the ASSIGNED TO box under STATUS which reads CLOSED, I can't reopen it from there.

Then I went to the EDIT REQUEST/Status In progress section and tried to open it I got this message:

Let's try that again.

  • The following error occurred: You cannot change the status of this request manually because it is linked to the project "ESD2853(30) NM Cancer Brochure Update (for Thomas Gomez only)". Each change in the project status also changes the request status.

What do I do?


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Level 10

Hi Yolanda,

It sounds like ISSUE(MRF) is resolved by a project of its own, which renders it locked and not editable. In order to move the issue, you will first need to break the link between the issue and it's resolving project. This is handled by editing the issue and clearing the "Resolving Object" link in the details. After you move the issue, you can reestablish the resolving project link by again editing the issue and joining it back with the project. Hope this works.