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how to indicate if a task is tied to AI


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hey all! Our marketing department is going to be doing a pilot on artificial intelligence, and I am wanting to make sure I am setting the pilot up so we can get the most info that we can in the system, so pulling reports on success is as easy as possible. We already use workfront for all of our existing projects - for the pilot, a member of each team (writer, designer, social, etc) will begin to use AI in their day to day work. They will be the ones determining which projects they are assigned to are a good fit for them to utilize AI. 


The things I want to be able to pull are: 

- was AI used on this project: initial thoughts on this was just creating an AI custom form that could be added to the project after the fact with a question "was AI used on this project" and yes or no could be selected (this form wouldn't be on projects that didn't use AI, so not sure if that is redundant...)


- which tasks specifically used AI: A couple of thoughts were either to add "AI" to the task name, or to create a task form that could be added with questions on that. 


looking for feedback or any thoughts - appreciate it! 


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A couple additional things I would consider

  • who is going to apply the new custom form and will it be reliably added
  • is there an existing form (that wouldn't need to be applied) where your fields could be added - either task or project
  • if a project form, do you need additional info, maybe a field to indicate "Yes" AI was used, then if that's "Yes" another a dropdown field (multi-select even) to indicate which team(s) used AI (copy, design, social, etc)
  • if a new project form that is added maybe default the first field to "yes" so they they only need to fill in the team field, assuming the only projects that should have this form and fields are the ones where AI was used