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How do I create a report that gets me "all projects that have hours entered in the current year" ?


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To be clear I need a report that lists projects - it's for export elsewhere; I *could* use an hours report but that means exporting a whole lot of data only to delete it (I don't need the hours entries, just the list of projects)

I see the filter field "All Hours" >> Entry Date = This year and at a quick glance that seems to work - but would love confirmation.

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Hi @sven Niemetz‚

You are right, just use Hour report.

Tried to create similar instance. Please refer the attachment.

0694X00000C1e7BQAR.jpg0694X00000C1e71QAB.jpg0694X00000C1e7GQAR.jpgHope this will help.




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Hi Kundan - thanks for replying!

I set up report as you did - and field Project:Name is always blank (No value)

But the main issue is that even using a matrix report I get 20000 rows of hour records.

I'm trying to get a report similar to

"select project.name where in in ( select project.id from hours where entrydate is last year )"