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How can I run a report that shows all reports that use a filter of a certain group ID?


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Is there a way to run a report that will tell me any reports in the system that were using a filter in them of a certain group ID?

Background: We had a group

moved into a subgroup and apparently this changed it's group ID. I got the help

call when a report that used to filter by that group ID now had the ID numbers

in there but was not pulling any results. I want to be proactive to see any

other reports that may have been using that same filter so I can update the ID

number to prevent future help calls.

Thank you for your help!


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Here's a manual way to do it:

1. Create a Report report

2. Add a column with the following code:

displayname=Filter Definition




3. Export the report to PDF or Excel and do a CTRL+F search for the group ID (this is only because I find that NWE is having issues showing all matches with CTRL+F)

4. Hope that there are only a few reports that show a match 😂Otherwise, you're going to have a lot of cross-referencing to do between the WF and the exported report


In all seriousness, I tried to set up an EXISTS filter that would weed out jobs that didn't contain the ID in the definition and that didn't work. So then I tried to add a column for Filter Definition with valueexpression=IF(CONTAINS("specific group ID",{filter}.{definition}),"Found","")) so that at least it would clean up the text in the definition column and only show "Found" if the report that had the group ID, otherwise it would be blank, but that didn't work either.

Maybe someone else out there could figure out the EXISTS but at least this (sort of) gets you what you want. This was the failed EXISTS filter in case anyone can find the issue. I get an error with this code, but if I remove the last 2 "filter:definition" lines, it returns results, so I'm assuming the issue is somewhere in those:




EXISTS:a:filter:definition=specific group ID



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I was able to accomplish what I needed using this method. Thank you for the help, again! =)