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How can I add projects within a certain portfolio to an issues report?


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We have a report that displays all issues we received per quarter but I would also like to include all projects created per quarter within a certain portfolio that don't have an issue attached to them (they started directly as a project not as an issue that was converted). I can't figure out the text mode behind this. Thanks for any advice!


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@Laura Ernste‚ As reports are object based, you won't be able to pull in projects to an issue report. Instead, it is recommended that you create a separate project report and then add both of these reports to a dashboard so you can view all information at once.

To create a report that pulls in all projects created per quarter within a certain portfolio that were built from scratch (vs a converted issue), you would want to do the following:

-Create a project report

-Add a filter for Project > Portfolio ID > Equal > (Name of Portfolio)

-Add a secondary filter for Project > Entry Date > This Quarter (select it from the dropdown Equal menu)

-Add a third filter for Converted Issue Originator > ID > Is Blank

Let me know if that wasn't exactly what you were looking for!