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Hive Mind Challenge: How many hours in 2024 did we spend working on emails?


Level 3

This should be simple, right?


A project report will give you the project details (including link to more info) and ALL hours. i.e. 51 projects for 200 hours......but only 120 hours are actually in 2024.


An hour report will give you the project details (if you add them) and will let you segment the hours but not an accurate project count. i.e. 215 hour entries that sum to 120 hours in 2024....with a project count of 215.


Am I missing something? 


I thought I heard this could be solved by Fusion but....egash. 

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Level 7

How are you quantifying the time you're spending on emails?  Whatever that is, you would ideally want a report on that object, grouped by project.