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Freeze a column in Task View?


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Hello! In a Project's Tasks list, is it possible to freeze a column (or columns) to allow for horizontal scrolling? The idea is to freeze the Task Number and Task Names columns on the far left side of the View so the user can scroll to the right w/out losing visibility into the Task Name/#. Just like Excel "freeze column" feature. Thanks! 

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Hi @JulieCh3,


A freeze columns feature is a wonderful idea, but (having coded it once earlier in my career) it is technically really tricky to implement, which I suspect might be why it's not yet available.


As an alternative, you might consider breaking your wide view into smaller versions and training end users to "flip" to the one of most use, to reduce scrolling.


Another option is to repeat the Task name every few columns, noting that (It's A Feature) only the first will be editable; admittedly, a bit of a hack, but could be of use.


And finally, if and when you DO need to scroll horizontally, one insider tip is to click into the grid, then use the left / right keys on your keyboard to pan accordingly without the mouse muda.