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Enforcing Task Completion


Level 4
I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions for enforcing the actions related to tasks and checking off tasks in general. A few examples: Users complete task work but do not check off their task in a timely manner (or at all) Users complete the task in Workfront but are not completing the work related to the task - i.e. the task is to update the custom form or upload a document, and the task is checked off but action is not completed I'm just interested if anyone has a solution that they implemented for a situation like this. Thanks!

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Level 5
For the first, you may want to implement a reminder (setup->Email Notifications->Reminders) for late tasks. This way people will get a notification x days after the task was due. That said, this is a change management problem. Sounds like your group needs to better understand WHY the tasks need to reflect reality. Create awareness of the need and the "What's in it for me" for those doing the work. What value does the individual get from it, does the organziation get from it. You may also want to send automated reports out to the department managers of overdue tasks --- if the people arent concerned, create the deside to get the managers off their backs.


Level 1
Alyson - does your team use Slack? We just launched a bot called Kelasa - "https://community.workfront.com/kelasa.io" kelasa.io that will automatically check in with team-mates (on Slack) to prompt task status and time. Send me an e-mail at sonali@kovadigital.com if interested. Sonali Shetty sonali@kovadigital.com sonali@kelasa.io


Level 2

Hi there, I have the same concerns about users not completing a task form prior to marking their task complete. If anyone has any insights, I'd be interested to know more.