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Documents stored in my request queue


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Hello League community!


I have recently become the WF DBA for my company, and let me start by saying that I lack the training and am working on catching-up on that. However from previous experience as a DBA on other SaaS, I have the feeling that something is fishy and that the initial set-up of my request queues in WF was probably done wrong back in the day...


We have a request form in place, linked to a project that we have labelled Request Queue, yet this project seems to be inheriting all the documents attached to my requests. I have over 1,100 documents in this Project Request Queue.

Please confirm if you know: this is wrong right? Or shall I really have docs stored in my RQ Project?


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Thank you!



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Hi Stef,


That's how it works for us too. If you select "Issues" you'll see all the requests from that queue in there, and if you click into one of them, any documents from the issue will be there. What you're seeing/showing are the same documents, but all together in the main Documents folder for the queue.


That's how I understand it anyway.




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Thank you so much @JamesMa4 , this is most comforting!!


Wishing you an excellent weekend!