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Conditionally show part of text in different color on report



I have a project report that shows details from all of project issues. I have a custom field "Team Annual Plan" defined and it can have values either "Resources Available" or "No Resources". If resources are available, I would like to show issue name with its t-shirt size (custom field "T-Shirt Size" defined at issue level), indicate that the resources are available and in which that issue can be delivered (custom field "Projected Team Delivery Quarter" defined at issue level). If resources are not available, I would like to show issue name with its t-shirt size and indicate that resources are not available.


I use lists in this report with one of it's columns defined as follows: 

valueexpression=IF({DE:Team Annual Plan}="Resources available", concat(concat(concat(concat({name}, " -"), {DE:T-Shirt Size}), " - Resources Available - "), {DE:Projected Team Delivery Quarter}), IF({DE:Team Annual Plan}="No Resources", concat(concat(concat({name}, " -"), {DE:T-Shirt Size}), " - No Resources"), "" ))
displayname=Contributing Teams


This works as expected. This is a project report, so what you see below is one of the cell of a row in the report output.

Issue 1 - Small - Resources Available - 2023 Q3

Issue 2 - Medium - Resources Available - 2023 Q4

Issue 3 - Medium - No Resources






I would like to mark text "No Resources" in red. I do not want to mark rest of the text in red. 



Is that possible in Workfront text mode reporting?



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Community Advisor

ktrivedi, you can use the value parameter in textmode when doing things like shared cols and want to do some coloring, it allows you to apply html tags, like color, but it applies it to the whole field.  There is not a way in textmode to section up text for conditional formatting.