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Complex Filter to Reference Other Projects Based on the Project the Report is Being Viewed Within


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My overall desire is to have initiative requirements that apply to a given project be listed in a custom report that appears on the lefthand navigation of the project.

Here is what I have:

  • Regular projects. These projects contain a custom field called "Initiatives" where one or multiple initiatives can be selected by checkboxes to indicate which initiative(s) apply to the regular project.
  • A custom layout template that contains a dashboard on the sidebar called "Requirements." This dashboard contains a single report similarly called "Requirements."
  • The Requirements report, when viewed by itself, should list all requirements from all initiatives, collected together in a grouping. (This report is easy enough to build by itself, and I have it built now.)
  • I have a pseudo project for each respective initiative. The tasks of each of these pseudo projects are the "requirements" of the given initiative that the pseudo project represents. Thus, the report basically filters to find all of these requirements, lists them, and then groups them by project (i.e., "initiative").

Here is the tricky part: When you view the report by itself it is simple enough: it shows all initiatives. However, when viewing the report in a given project (though the dashboard on the layout template), I want it to filter to only display the requirements (tasks) from initiatives (pseudo projects) that apply to the given regular project (based on the custom field in the regular project). Similar to how a tasks report that appears in a dashboard on the sidebar of a regular project (though the layout template) automatically filters the tasks based on the project it is being viewed within, I want the same to be done here based on a custom field on the regular project. I want to create a filter that identifies the project the report is being viewed through, finds the custom field that indicates initiatives, and attempts to match it to the pseudo projects being pulled into the field. If there is a match, that pseudo project is pulled in, but if it does not match, then it is excluded.

I realize this is a complex hack I am trying to do. But I feel like I am basically trying to compensate for a gaping hole in Workfront which is project requirements. If anyone could help me to either accomplish what I have envisioned above or to explain a simpler/better way to do this, I would be very appreciative.


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